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Mother • Educator • Feather Reader

I bid you hail and welcome.

I am Raven Redfeather. I am a wife, mother and practitioner with over a decade of experience in the eccentric, spiritual practices. Both Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic. I am a devotee of the Rokkr, or Rokku and have a large emphasis on them within my current day practices.

I am a facilitator for my local CUUPS group, a ritual guide and a reader at local events. I am particularly fond of the runes and earth-centered practices. May what I offer on my site serve you, in some way.

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Why I Believe Spiritual Cleansing Should Be a Last Resort

Why I Believe Spiritual Cleansing Should Be a Last Resort Image

I must establish that I specifically mean the act of cleansing a spirit from a designated location. I do not mean the routine cleansing of tools, self or established homes. I also need to establish what I mean by spirit. I am defining spirit as the spiritual energy of anything’s existence. This could be the spirit of a deceased human being (note, I avoid the word “ghost” in this sense as, within my work experience, it is a slur of sorts and not a respectful title), a nature or land spirit, the spirit of the land itself or the spirit of an object. This concept is found in all faith paths except some more modern sects of Christianity. The older Christian sects, Judaism and Islam do have this concept of spirit in all things. It is often considered a more animistic belief and has been spoken to, in Abrahamic faiths, as recently as the past couple decades. ... READ MORE