Why do (some) Heathens hate Fenris?

Why do (some) Heathens hate Fenris? Image

For the past five months or so, I have struggled to help some of my friends understand the hate aimed at Fenris, and by default His devotees and followers, coming from the Heathen world at large. A couple of my friends have worked hard to try and understand the conflict because it impacts our circle. I am a devotee of Fenris and I am not welcome at many larger Heathen events because of that. I am also leery of Heathen events because I know what I’ll face. My friends care about me and know the frustrations I have over this conflict; I appreciate their efforts to find and make inclusive and affirming spaces for all, including followers of the Rokku/r. ... READ MORE

Do Witches Pray?

Do Witches Pray? Image

The other day I found myself involved in something that wasn’t an argument but wasn’t a conversation either. It revolved around the belief that witches don’t pray. As someone who just led ritual working with and asking for the aid of a Goddess in our work, I found this comment strikingly odd. ... READ MORE

Why Can't You Just Be Heathen?

Why Can't You Just Be Heathen? Image

A couple months back, I facilitated an online event with my local CUUPs group about Rokkatru: “Honoring Loki and the Roku: A guided discussion on Rokkatru.”  During the event I was asked a question which has bugged me ever since. It was a long question and to be truthful, I forgot half of it as I went into a ramble. This is not the exact question I was asked, but it pretty much boils down to a question that most anyone who claims the label “Rokkatru” gets asked; “Why can’t you just be Heathen?” I was also asked, where do I draw the line between the Aesir and the Jotun. ... READ MORE