Why Are We Obsessed With Deities and Alters?

Why Are We Obsessed With Deities and Alters? Image

I have found that many individuals from Abrahamic faiths have a difficult time adjusting to nature-based spirituality within their own faith. To be clear, I do not mean Christians/Jews/Muslims leaving Christianity/Judaism/Islam. I mean individuals of those faiths that wish to be more nature focused, connecting with the creation of their creator, often have a hard time starting out. I intend to address why and tips to navigate those waters. ... READ MORE

Why do (some) Heathens hate Fenris?

Why do (some) Heathens hate Fenris? Image

For the past five months or so, I have struggled to help some of my friends understand the hate aimed at Fenris, and by default His devotees and followers, coming from the Heathen world at large. A couple of my friends have worked hard to try and understand the conflict because it impacts our circle. I am a devotee of Fenris and I am not welcome at many larger Heathen events because of that. I am also leery of Heathen events because I know what I’ll face. My friends care about me and know the frustrations I have over this conflict; I appreciate their efforts to find and make inclusive and affirming spaces for all, including followers of the Rokku/r. ... READ MORE

Do Witches Pray?

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The other day I found myself involved in something that wasn’t an argument but wasn’t a conversation either. It revolved around the belief that witches don’t pray. As someone who just led ritual working with and asking for the aid of a Goddess in our work, I found this comment strikingly odd. ... READ MORE